Goode Brothers and goode food

Whether dining out (or in), it is my habit to quickly take photos of the spread before everyone dug in.  Good presentation are only temporary before the food gets eaten up.


Goode Brothers is our local hangout, for drinks, brunch or dinner when I don’t feel like cooking.  Besides the refreshing cocktails, this restaurant serves yummy ‘little plates’, pizzas and pastas.

I love fresh pastas, my favourite is their Linguine (seafood).  The good thing is you can choose the type of pasta and what sauce you want to go with it.  I learned just a few days ago while attending GB’s party to sample their Xmas menu that they have a pasta school to teach you how to make your own pasta from scratch.

Goode food is food that you make with your hands, fresh like grandma used to make and tasty because you know what you put in it. What you choose to put in your mouth is one of the final freedoms you truly have. Make sure it’s goode.

Their pizza choices are not too varied though you could choose from classic, traditional to premiums.  I used to love their pizza (actually no, it was pasta, not pizza) with eggplant and chorizo but the menu changes and that is no longer in the selection.  The pizza bread (on the starter menu) is yummilicous.

Ambience is the most important thing to me when dining out.  You want to feel relaxed and Goode Brothers, Botany has it all.  Prices are reasonable and service is almost always good.

On a scale of 5 on Zomato’s rating, I will give GB a rating of 4.5.

Goode Brothers Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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  1. Pauline Y says:

    don’t we all nowadays, seems to have become the norm 😂

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    1. In today’s trend, food gets more photographed than people. 😆


      1. Pauline Y says:

        And the camera always gets the first taste of the food …

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