A White Lady & A Bridge

We stumbled upon this white lady on the roof top. She sit femininely looking at visitors to the outdoor café of Sydney Museum of Contemporary Art. Some photographers (like me) took a snapshot of her and then the spectacular view of the Sydney Bridge.


Evanescent Not only temporary but so transient. It came but was gone sometimes in a blink of an eye. Rainbow, mist, fog, snow, wind, thunder, lightning pitter-patter raindrops or hailing storms often wildly come and go. Day after day the sun appears, from sunrise to sunset. Some days you may see it, some days you…

Barefoot and jandals

Seems like the kiwi mindset is ‘Why wear shoes when it is not necessary?’. In summer, it is the kiwi culture (and heritage) to go around to the Dairy (corner shop), street, beach or supermarket barefooted.  Many children go barefoot from a young age while others commonly wear a pair of jandals (flip-flops). Shoes aren’t…

Make money from the air you breathe

Put your thinking cap on, brainstorm, get creative to see if we can make money out of anything and everything, in this instant, ‘air’ (read article below). Work in collaboration with entrepreneurs, professionals, researchers and create an idea.  The Wall Street Journal said ‘At the heart of any successful business is a great idea. Some seem so simple…


Pink Intermediate between red and white Never dull, always glowing Kind of kissable, so tempting. Images credit Pinterest

Self reflections

Whether on land or sea, our reflections are the same. Whether in good times or bad, stand tall. via Reflecting – Whether it’s water or some other reflective surface, what have you seen recently that has changed your perspective on the view?


Time is precious Enjoy each moment Make it last Priceless Only temporary Rarely permanent Appreciate every single second Reluctant to let go of any good moments Yesterday …………….. Don’t worry, be happy Think of any bitter experiences as temporary.


We are so blessed here in New Zealand that we fear no crocodiles on beaches. Go ahead and swim. Definitely no crocodiles but you may meet a shark  ! Danger !