Ways to have more gratitude everyday

I’m running behind schedule.

Trying to crack my head right now to focus on what to write on the following Discover Prompts.  The whole team of WordPress bloggers had listed beautifully their thoughts here.

  • Focus
  • Team
  • List
  • Grateful

Thank you, Discover Prompts for bringing so many people around the world and helping us regain our writing rhythm.  We are absolutely grateful!

I’m sort of mind blank tonight and I know this is somewhat like a ‘quick fix’ but it’s better late than never!

PS.  Getting a bit in swing now.  Scroll down for more ……

Gratitude and why it is good for you — Voices of Hope

Hello Team,

Check out Janet Miller’s 8 ways to have more gratitude every day.

A life well-lived is one of gratitude and thankfulness. Write down your positive thoughts to further focus your attention on the subject.  Start to be able to make list after list of all of the things in your life you’re grateful for.





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