Yet another lockdown

A lazy Sunday indeed.

It’s frustrating after barely a week since we were out and about. We are now back to level 3 lockdown due to some irresponsible people. It’s been a long time since I last blogged or wrote anything here.

Today’s highlight is of course food related.

I cooked Lui Cha or Lei Cha for the first time. Lei Cha is a Hakka dish. It means ground or thunder tea (rice). It is a vegetarian dish but made more tasty with either dried shrimps or anchovies (for non vegetarians). The main ingredients are green herbs (peppermint is a must) and vegetables with peanuts and preserved turnips (chai po). Most of the ingredients I used today were fresh herbs (peppermint, basil leaves and parsley) from my garden.

Cooking this dish is simple but quite laborious. First I brewed some tea (discard the tea leaves) and put all herbs and some peanuts into the blender to grind. Bring to boil and add some salt and chicken seasoning to taste.

I had some taro (in place of hard beancurd) so I cut them into small pieces and cooked with rice in a rice-cooker. I toasted some sesame seeds. Minced and fried dried shrimps with garlic and chai po together. My vegetables consisted of kumara leaves, long beans and spinach. Toasted seaweed went well as an extra.

Traditionally, Lui Cha comprises of all sorts of herbs, vegetables and nuts. Mine was a basic simple version and I used a total of 14 ingredients (not counting oil for cooking the vegetables).

Feeling satisfied in lockdown. I won’t call this ‘comfort food’. It’s more a healthy eat.

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