Creativity with chocolates

There are just so many treats one can make from chocolates.  From cakes, sweets, drinks, ice cream to desserts of all sorts.

There are plenty of chocolate lounges in Auckland.  A way to take a break from shopping and relax is to have a mug of chocolate melted under a little flame.

Recently after a nice meal at Hanoi Cafe in Britomart, I stumbled across Miann translates from gaelic into ‘to desire’ or ‘to crave’ which suits the offering of high end desserts, chocolates, petit gateaux, macarons and much more. Alas, my tummy was already full but I could not resist and snapped some photos of their lovely treats.

Often times, there is no need to indulge in everything, take a few snapshots and relax.  Food gets eaten and disappear.  Photos capture memories that last forever.

You may think I must be a real chocolate lover but I am not. I prefer vanilla ice cream to chocolate ice cream but I sure love the creativity of chocolates.  They are irresistable.

Any chocolates lovers out there?

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