Earth is home for birds, fishes, you, me and more. Animals and trees,  beautiful colours surround. Rainforests, Mountains, Oceans, Cliffs, Waterfalls …. Together we all live in this natural paradise, Heavenly Earth

Symbiosis – My Toby and Me

He’s a dog. I’m a human. We are two different species. Happily living together. Going for walks together. Watching TV together. Sharing one bed at night. We are buddies. We accept each other the way we are. Symbiosis – My Toby and Me.

Solitude with my buddy or my camera

Solitude to me means maximizing that time alone to do the things you enjoy. When going out with a camera phone in your hand, either take a selfie or any objects that you admire. Getting out and smell the breeze with the birds and the nature around you gets everyone out of solitude.  If you ever feel…

What a graceful birthday treat

My daughter shouted me a nice lunch at Plume Winery for my birthday last week.  Everything was perfect, from the weather to the food and the company. I can only feel so grateful for this graceful and classy treat.

How sparkly are you?

The office mood is pretty relaxed. It seems like the holiday mood isn’t over yet. This colleague of mine asked if I have taken the colour test. What colour test? Check your favourite colours to review your personality. All you need to do is choose the colour combination that appeals to you most from the…


Passing one year Another new year draws near Time to review, repent, rejuvenate and move on Hoping to celebrate yet another year and another and another …….. Wisdom is knowing the right path to take ……. integrity is taking it.

Fishing for followers

My main blog Little Girl Story is running out of free space. Do I have to go fishing for followers for Little Borneo Girl? Shall we go fishing? Or sit back and listen to this wonderful song.     via Daily Prompt: Fishing