Beautiful from far or near

As we approached Hanmer Springs …………… Best known for its natural hot pools and stunning landscapes, Hanmer Springs, a picturesque alpine village. Beautiful from far or near …….. Advertisements


What’s outside the window? What’s inside the window? Interesting. You can never imagine sometimes, the views from within ………………..  

Time to let go

When a relationship becomes too thorny, it is time to let go !

Beautiful from every corner

It’s a lovely day today.  Enjoyed my short walk @ Tracey’s Walk leading to Omana Esplanade.  The sights are beautiful from every corner.

Georgie is Glaring

Her mother was a stray or perhaps someone else’s cat. She gave birth in my daughter’s garden to four kitties.   Poor mother cat passed away a couple of days later.  The four kittens were left without a mother.  My daughter nursed and bottle fed all those four kittens.  Two were given away. Jo (my daughter) chose to…

Satisfaction as kindred spirits

Satisfaction is when my baby grows into a young woman and becomes a mother. A new generation is born. Kindred spirit from one generation to another.    

A White Lady & A Bridge

We stumbled upon this white lady on the roof top. She sit femininely looking at visitors to the outdoor café of Sydney Museum of Contemporary Art. Some photographers (like me) took a snapshot of her and then the spectacular view of the Sydney Bridge.


Evanescent Not only temporary but so transient. It came but was gone sometimes in a blink of an eye. Rainbow, mist, fog, snow, wind, thunder, lightning pitter-patter raindrops or hailing storms often wildly come and go. Day after day the sun appears, from sunrise to sunset. Some days you may see it, some days you…