Pink Intermediate between red and white Never dull, always glowing Kind of kissable, so tempting. Images credit Pinterest Advertisements

Self reflections

Whether on land or sea, our reflections are the same. Whether in good times or bad, stand tall. via Reflecting – Whether it’s water or some other reflective surface, what have you seen recently that has changed your perspective on the view?


Time is precious Enjoy each moment Make it last Priceless Only temporary Rarely permanent Appreciate every single second Reluctant to let go of any good moments Yesterday …………….. Don’t worry, be happy Think of any bitter experiences as temporary.


We are so blessed here in New Zealand that we fear no crocodiles on beaches. Go ahead and swim. Definitely no crocodiles but you may meet a shark  ! Danger !


Earth is home for birds, fishes, you, me and more. Animals and trees,  beautiful colours surround. Rainforests, Mountains, Oceans, Cliffs, Waterfalls …. Together we all live in this natural paradise, Heavenly Earth

Symbiosis – My Toby and Me

He’s a dog. I’m a human. We are two different species. Happily living together. Going for walks together. Watching TV together. Sharing one bed at night. We are buddies. We accept each other the way we are. Symbiosis – My Toby and Me.

Solitude with my buddy or my camera

Solitude to me means maximizing that time alone to do the things you enjoy. When going out with a camera phone in your hand, either take a selfie or any objects that you admire. Getting out and smell the breeze with the birds and the nature around you gets everyone out of solitude.  If you ever feel…