All (old) about me

Thank’s Cee for the challenge. It’s all (old) about Me. An awakening, I am not getting any younger. Though yet to be depleted of any mobility and hopefully never! Praying for effortless energy!      

Beautiful from far or near

As we approached Hanmer Springs …………… Best known for its natural hot pools and stunning landscapes, Hanmer Springs, a picturesque alpine village. Beautiful from far or near ……..


What’s outside the window? What’s inside the window? Interesting. You can never imagine sometimes, the views from within ………………..  

Beautiful from every corner

It’s a lovely day today.  Enjoyed my short walk @ Tracey’s Walk leading to Omana Esplanade.  The sights are beautiful from every corner.

Satisfaction as kindred spirits

Satisfaction is when my baby grows into a young woman and becomes a mother. A new generation is born. Kindred spirit from one generation to another.    


We are so blessed here in New Zealand that we fear no crocodiles on beaches. Go ahead and swim. Definitely no crocodiles but you may meet a shark  ! Danger !


Earth is home for birds, fishes, you, me and more. Animals and trees,  beautiful colours surround. Rainforests, Mountains, Oceans, Cliffs, Waterfalls …. Together we all live in this natural paradise, Heavenly Earth

It’s the time of the year

November and soon December ! It’s the end of the year.   It’s the time of the year for a much awaited holiday. It’s reunion time, a time to catch up with families.   It’s the time of the year to put up the Christmas tree. It’s the time of the year to be merry and thankful. It’s…