Celebrity Solstice my favorite ship

Back many years ago, the idea of cruising didn’t appeal to me at all.  Why spend all the time confined to a ship?  How boring.

My first cruise experience on Star Virgo was so many years ago.  I just tagged along with a group of other friends and they did all the bookings and arrangements.  Surprisingly I didn’t feel like I was on a ship.  It was more like in a four-star hotel on the move that wasn’t that noticeable.  We only had a stateroom without windows.  It was not my kind of a cabin, so confined.  Two years later we cruised on the same ship and even did it twice on balcony class.

Cruising is a relaxation for me, pampering yourself with all the nice food and drinks.  There’s no excuse that cruising is just eating and putting on weight if you do everything at a balance.  Go for a swim or gym.  Pamper yourself, go to have your hair done, massage or nails painted.

In between those times, we did some other smaller river cruises in Junk Boats at Vietnam’s Halong Bay.

In New Zealand, we were once invited to experience P & O Diamond (or Dawn) princess when she docked at Auckland on her maiden-trip to Sydney.  We spent almost a day on the ship and enjoyed all the facilities including entertainment and food.

Last year, we cruised on Celebrity Solstice on Aqua-Class.  Wow, Celebrity Solstice is a ‘6-star hotel equivalent’.  1t was a 16 days cruise from Auckland to various stops within NZ and Australia and the final port of call was Perth.

After experiencing Solstice and especially cruising on Aqua Class, I will never want to sail for any less of a comfort.  Aqua Class gave us exclusive dining at Blu Restaurant where they know you by name and the wine you drink.  We got one of the best balconies on the ship, a hump balcony room 1603.

Sadly with Covid19, everything changed and so did our cruised booked on Solstice to the Great Barrier Reefs for 12 days was canceled.  We looked forward to sail on Solstice again before she leaves the Australia/New Zealand routes to move to Singapore where she will be based next year.

These were just my memories and random thoughts that if you do not try something new, you will never find out what you had been missing.

We wait for the day when Covid19 is eliminated and we no longer need to keep social distances, we can then all board a ship or fly happily and life will get back to normal again.  We are not in a hurry, three months, six months or 12 months (hopefully).

For now, we keep our social distancing, not letting anyone new inside our bubble, only one person assigned to shop in supermarkets, not two or three.

When life gets back to normal, I know it will never be the same carefree life we had all these years.  We had been ‘forced’ to adapt to work from home or homeschool sooner than we expected.  Many businesses will be struggling and a bigger chunk of our population will be made redundant.

Just remember that when the day comes, clear of Covid19, we just need to be thankful that we are well and even though it may be hard, do love yourself and sing a song in your heart or out loud for yourself every now and then.  Loving yourself, listen to soothing music will give you the strength to go on.







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