Lots of veggies

My Easter Bunny seemed to sense that I had been eating lots of bread and meat for the last couple of weeks.

I’ve been good, stayed home, staying safe and being kind, cooking meals for the three of us 17 days in a row.

Yesterday’s dinner was a steamed salted chicken with rice.  Today, we deboned the leftover chicken into bite-sized pieces and it became a sweet corn chicken soup eaten with bread.


Tomorrow, we will enjoy a few side dishes of vegetables from my Easter Bunny (Thank you, Joanne) and maybe have fish as a main with rice.


While I feel sorry for the small businesses, restaurants, and eateries, being in lockdown you get the chance to cook and bake.  I am sure many are enjoying that and it is saving pennies too.  No one is in a rush, so find your way around DIY instead of going for my food bag or hello fresh because you have the whole day to prepare and sort out your ingredients.

What could be better than sitting down and taking a bite of your own cooking?

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