Orchestrate the Curve and Pairs

I’m feeling so irritated now in lockdown Day 16.

No doubt you could take a walk, go for fresh air around your neighborhood.

You can take your car and enjoy the car ride with no traffic to your supermarket.

You cannot shop in pairs as the rule is ‘one person per household’ even though you and your flatmate are in the same bubble.


During my night walk, I took a photo of the moon.  The clouds moved fast and in the sprint of a second, the moon became a curve.  What was annoying then was my photograph didn’t even capture that curve.  I could not catch up with the clouds.


Not everything is annoying during a lockdown.  Call us lucky or unlucky to be living in a global pandemic.  Isn’t this the first global event after WWII?  There were some historical events after WWII but nothing so global.  I believed Covid19 leading to the lockdown in so many countries is a major globalized event.


What’s next?  I am sort of being orchestrated during the lockdown trying to stay in my bubble and keep safe as well as be kind.  Indeed, I have been kind for cooking dinner 16 days in a row! Maybe I can score some brownie points if the prophecy is true that the world is coming to an end.

Don’t believe me.  I had been in isolation and trying to orchestrate things and happenings here and there,  No, it’s not easy to brainwash me.

We will fight Covid19 and our KiwiSaver will rise again!

Make the best of your lockdown.  Put your feet up, read a book, paint a picture or learn to blog so you can vent your frustrations.

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  1. lionezzy says:

    Its so bad to be in this lockdown state. But since its the only option, lets adapt to it and save the world. We shall overcome

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    1. With technology, we can survive this lockdown and save lives. It’s getting harder though mentally. Just hoping we won’t have to extend the lockdown. Meanwhile, we will continue to stay home, stay safe and be kind.


      1. lionezzy says:

        Sure we will. The simple regulations put in place should be adhered to and together we shall overcome. There’s light at the end of the tunnel.

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