Crayfish Noodles

No dinning out for the past two weeks now since Lockdown.  All restraurants and eating places were closed including all the fast-food chains.  There were no takeaways, no uber-eats, no deliveries.  My night craving for KFC’S Wicked Wings hit me every now and then.

One night, while missing my favorite Fish & Chips at Ocean Seafood, I ordered online a whole box of fresh fish instead.  Along with it was a big 1kg fresh Crayfish.

We’ve already had a few meals out of that delivery.  Tonight we cooked the Crayfish.  My first time ever cooking a crayfish.   That was a treat for us, a reward for being good in isolation, stay home and keep safe.

That sumptuous dish cost us around $80.  There were three of us so we have one portion leftover.  Credit to lockdown, you not only stay safe but you $ave.



Tip: A quick simple way to cook a crayfish.

Fill a big pot (enough for the size of the crayfish) with water just enough to cover up to half the level of the crayfish.  Sprinkle some salt and 2 tablespoons of vinegar (optional).  Cover and bring to boil for 15 minutes.  You can use the water (thickened with cornstarch and flavorings) as a gravy for the noodles.


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  1. Priya MK says:

    Omg that looks yummy and colorful😍

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