May the Rat of 2020 be kind to us

Missing my beloved Bom so much.

This blog was originally created for Toby, my pet dog. Celebrating the lives of my two closest companions whose lives were cut short by deadly tumours.

I am thankful that I am alive making through to 2020 and entering the year of the Rat.  In my heart, however, I wish I was dead but that is the devil talking.  I do believe I have to be strong and carry on as the mother of our family.

2019 was cruel to us.  We were just ordinary happy people living in our warm comfortable homes with the people we love until 29 October 2019 happened.  We could never imagine that our family was torn apart so quickly in a short span of 6 weeks (mid-Sept to 29 Oct 2019).

On 22 Aug 2019, my pet dog Toby suddenly passed away from hemangiosarcoma.  It was heartbreaking for me.  He died two days after his 10th birthday.  I lost my buddy.  I grieved so much for Toby but when Bom got sick, my grief for Toby turned into my…

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