A day trip to Raglan

The weather has been so nice this long Easter Weekend.  Thank you, Sun. ☀️

We took the opportunity to visit beautiful Raglan on a day trip.

Raglan is both a surfing mecca and a dramatically scenic area of black sand coastline.  Known for its bohemian atmosphere, the idyllically coastal town is just slightly over 2 hours drive from Auckland.  I was pretty much amazed to see this lively surf town with so many interesting cafes that lined the whole street.


We took a walk around the Raglan domain, also known as Kopua Doman (Te Kopua beach) strolling across the footbridge from the town.  Time passes quickly seeing the young and not so young (certainly very brave) kids playing at the Skateboard Park.


Next stop was Ngararunui Beach, a surfing beach and looks like a beautiful place to watch the sunset too (will definitely do that another time).  Located 5km west of Raglan this large stretch of beach offers lots of wave riding potential.  In an area famous for its unforgiving, rocky breaks this a good spot for the less experienced and beginner surfers.

Our last stop was, of course, the ‘must visit’ Bridal Veil Falls.  A very tall and easily accessible 55-metre waterfall just a short walk from the car park. c22ccb85-9b88-4305-a5f7-f353ee924b95.JPG

Was indeed a beautiful and sunny ☀️ day out.  Certainly Raglan is a place of beautiful nature that moves your spirit in the calmest way.
Feeling blessed, Happy Easter everyone.










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  1. Wow, looks like Fabulous place to spend a spirit filled Easter weekend! Thanks for sharing!

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    1. Thank you, Terri. 🐣

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