Goodbye Papa

It was sudden and quick.

My loving and kind papa left us
before I had a chance
to hold his hands.
To tell him that it’s ok
and that he will get well soon.

Goodbye Papa.

You left us so peacefully.
We know you are now in a better place
with no worries, no sickness, no death.
A place of eternal life
and everlasting joy.

Your love for us will remain
warm in our hearts,
yesterday, today, tomorrow
and forevermore.

Remembering Papa Kho Yong Pheng (1930 – 2018)

Sharing below the eulogies for our dearly beloved dad, compiled and delivered by his grandsons during his funeral this morning 2 Jan 2019.

Presented by Joel

As sad as today is, we’re here to celebrate the life of our husband, father, grandfather and great-grandfather. We call him by many names – Kong Kong, Yea Yea, 3 Cek but whatever we called him, he would always answer with a smile.

He came from a big family. The third brother with 9 siblings. He didn’t have the easiest of childhoods. He had to forego his education in secondary school during the war. He picked up whatever job he could get to support his entire family after the loss of their father. He used to tell us that he worked for the Japanese in a cigarette factory where he had to bow 90 degrees to greet his superiors, learn basic Japanese, and even sing their national anthem. If he didn’t do any one of those things perfectly, he would get whipped.

By the introduction of his brother, he made his way into the government sector. Eventually, he got to work in Kuching Water Board, achieving superintendent status, contributing the majority of his income to the entire household thereby ensuring the well-being of his family was looked after.

Kong Kong was an avid traveler. Despite the limitations of travel back in the day, he would always make it a must to visit different places, especially Singapore, often. It was during one of his visits there to visit his eldest sister that his life changed. He went abroad looking for an adventure but little did he know, he found his real adventure in the form of a young maiden. A maiden that became his partner, his friend, his rock. A maiden that one day some 59 years ago become his wife.

After whirlwind dates on Thomson Road, they got married and started a new life in Kuching. They both continued to work hard and were blessed with four children, 12 grandchildren, and 1 great-granddaughter.

He loved the simple things in life. He was always happy with his kopi-o and po chua (newspaper). He enjoyed listening to his old-school radios and bey bey pio. His favorite foods? Tu kah peng and lek tau suan.

He loved everyone and never said a bad word. He remembered his children’s birthdays and during the later part of his life when he couldn’t, he would write every important detail down. He had impeccable handwriting that even the ladies at the 4D place would recognize it. We would go with him to buy 4D too as kids cos he would give us treats. He never said a bad word about anyone and he always wanted the best for his family – especially his wife, which he made sure to tell all of us to take care of in the event that he would leave before her.

Dear Kong Kong. Unfortunately, that day has come. You are gone too soon. But don’t worry because we will take care of Mah Mah. You have looked after us for so long that now it is time for you to rest.  Rest in peace and know that we will forever remember you as the loving and selfless man that touched all our hearts.

Presented by Anthony

Ye Ye would always make it a point to drop laksa off for dad no matter how busy he was. He cooked ‘mee sua’ for mom during her pregnancy. Claire even had her first experience on a motorcycle with him. Ye Ye was also good at math and he helped with some very complicated problems. He also helped us make broken things whole again. I can still remember most of the stories from his childhood days which he told me about daily.

Presented by Lester

Kong Kong was a great grandpa and he was always worried that we weren’t eating enough. He was the best of cooks especially with his signature dishes: tomato mi and prawn fritters. He was also a good carpenter and he made wooden swords and repaired our broken toys. Ah Kong would always pick Ah Nu up from school on his motorbike every day. They would look so cute together wearing their raincoats on rainy days. At night before bed, they would watch TV together and chat. He was caring and friendly to his neighbors and strangers alike. Kong Kong was someone who always put others before himself. He always made sure we were well taken care of when we visited him. He would always gift me little gifts like stationery in the hopes that I would study hard. I also received pocket change everytime I visited Kong and he bestowed numerous life advices to guide me through my youth.

Presented by Eugene

He was always smiling and sharing his life experiences with us. He also told us about his passion for foods like pork leg, rojak, and durian! He provided his wisdom and support that lead to some life-changing decisions. Anthea, Amelia, and I will remember Ye Ye because he always played with us and laughed so much when we spent time with him.

Goodbye 3 Chek, Papa, Dad, Yea Yea, Kong Kong

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