Big Fish

A restaurant named ‘Big Fish‘ would probably make one think that it could be ‘fish and chips’ related or fish is its signature dish.

However, …………..

At Big Fish Eatery we take pride in serving a modern take on traditional Pan Asian cuisine. We are inspired by bold Asian flavours, beautiful produce and freshest New Zealand ingredients to create delicious dishes.

There are two ‘Big Fish‘ outlets in Auckland, our regular is the older establishment in Penrose which does not open on Sunday.  Both outlets are very popular and bookings are a must.  The outlets serve slightly different menus.

We visited Big Fish, Stonefields today.  There were six of us and two toddlers.  Our reserved table was laid out with two baby chairs which we were really thankful.

Our table was located at the entrance right with the glass wall looking straight at the sunset. It was very uncomfortable for the person who sat with her back facing the sun as the heat (sort of) penetrated into the restaurant.  It was even worse for the person facing it as the glare got into her eyes.  Suggestion if we may, a window blind would make those sitting at that table more pleasant.

The restaurant was full with only two servers.  They were super busy so we had to wait a while before they took our order but the food was delivered quite fast.

Our first dish was Fried Rice with Chinese sausage which was very tasty.


The second dish was Tuna Tartare and it was beautifully presented where you are supposed to mix it up before eating.  These were the best two dishes we ordered for the evening.


The other dishes were

Shanghai Noodles (tasted okay, nothing special),


Mixed Sashimi Platter which was fresh and light,


Spatchcock Chicken which was supposed to be kimchi flavored but all we tasted was soy sauce and was quite salty.


Tempura Soft Shell Crab was extremely oily and was a bit soggy (with oil) and the most disappointing dish of the evening.


Our two toddlers were full of energy so we ordered two desserts, a Lemon tart and Chocolate Passionfruit Gateaux Cake (love this) as takeaways.


The food at Big Fish (Penrose) is always nice and we had been there many times and still rated it 5/5 time and again.  For Big Fish, Stonefields, unfortunately, our rating is 3/5 as the food is average and we were very uncomfortably seated facing the sunset!

PS . My daughter had to be the ‘window blind’ while I took photographs of the food to prevent ‘food shadows’ from the sunset.

Big Fish Stonefields Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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