Aim it right

Last week while at KLIA (Kuala Lumpur International Airport), I spotted this poster behind the female toilet door.

It looks pretty cool so I captured it on my camera.


Before boarding, I had to go again.

Entering another toilet further down the gate (definitely a female one) the poster message was sort of twisted and inappropriate.  I actually thought I might have gone into the men’s by mistake!

Seated, the poster facing me had a picture of a toilet bowl and it read

Our aim is to keep the toilets clean.  Your aim will help.

I was curious and went to check out the next toilet door and it had the same poster.


As with most toilet doors’ advertising where the target is to engage, captivate and connect with your captive audience, in the above case, it was totally inappropriate and confusing.

A twisted message for the wrong sex.

Toilet ID WPL 15A.

Let’s hope KLIA rectifies the error or was it meant to be some light humour to entertain the ladies while they pee.

Perhaps the Men’s have their share of humour with the Women’s Poster.

Who knows?

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