A healthier pie

This recipe is a ‘pie’ with a difference.

I consider this a ‘healthier pie’ because it has lots of vegetables.  The ingredients can be substituted with any vegetables you fancy.  I have used microwave to soften the pumpkins and potatoes for a more even cooking.

2 square pastry sheets (or a roll of pastry)
Half a butternut pumpkin (or any pumpkin) – cut into small pieces
3 medium-sized potatoes – sliced thinly
200gm chunky bacon pieces (or 8 slices of bacon)
3 carrots – shredded
2 big yellow onions – chopped into pieces
150gm shredded tasty cheese
1/2 cup milk (about 150 ml)
7 eggs (4 whole and 3 to be beaten with a half portion of the milk)
A few dashes of Lemon pepper salt and/or garlic salt
Hickory Sauce (about a tablespoonful)
1-2 tablespoon of cornflour for thickening and holding the cooked ingredients together
Butter for cooking the ingredients and for greasing the dish

1. Grease a deep baking dish.
2. Lay a pastry sheet on the dish and around the sides.
3. Using a fork, poke holes onto the sheet and put aside.

4. Get ready the necessary ingredients. Preparation beforehand ie shred carrots & cheese, chop potatoes, onions and pumpkin.

5. Microwave the chopped pumpkin (covered) for 4 minutes or till soft.  Season with pepper salt, add some butter and shredded cheese.  Put aside.

6. Microwave the finely chopped potatoes for 3 minutes to soften. Put aside.

7. Heat a wok or pan with some butter until melted and fry the shredded carrots, onions and bacon pieces. Add the hickory sauce and some garlic salt. Pour in half the milk portion and cover. Leave for about 3 minutes. If necessary, thicken with a teaspoon of cornflour (diluted in some water). Add a handful of shredded cheese and switch off the stove. Leave aside the cooked ingredients to cool.

8. Beat 3 eggs with the rest of the milk.
9. Mix the beaten egg/milk mixture into the cool cooked ingredients.

10. Spread the cooked ingredients into the baking dish on top of the lined pastry.  Make four shallow holes as room for the other 4 eggs.
11. Crack the 4 eggs, one into each hole and season with pepper/garlic salt.
12. Sprinkle some cheese on top.

13. Using a spatula transfer the meshed pumpkin onto the dish on top of the ingredients.
14. Line the cut potatoes and dash some lemon pepper.  Sprinkle more shredded cheese.

Preparation time for above : 45 – 60 minutes

The pie is now prepared and ready for baking. If you are not going to eat it straight away, it can be kept in the fridge and baked the next day. Otherwise, it can be frozen and bake when ready. If frozen, it is better to thaw the pie a couple of hours before baking.

Baking time 45 – 50 minutes at 180% Celsius till the top is brown.

Serves 4

Note : The consistency of the ‘pie’ will not be a solid as a true pie. The fillings will be rather loose but the taste will be divine.   If you want a more solid pie, substitute the milk with cream and omit the word ‘healthy’.  Alternatively, add some breadcrumbs which will hold the ingredients better.


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