West Coast Trip – Wanaka (Tree)

Our road trip started from Christchurch to Akaroa, Hokitika to Franz Josef and Fox Glacier.    We are now on the most relaxing part of the trip in Wanaka and will then head to Queenstown for another two nights of relaxation before home sweet home.

This blog records our activities for Day 6 of our 9 day trip.

We  (in fact it was just fussy me) love comfort in all my travels and shared bathroom was a ‘no, no‘ for me but accommodations in the Glaciers and even Wanaka were limited so we settled for Top 10 Holiday Parks in Fox Glacier and Altamont Lodge in Wanaka.

Those two places had me brain-washed that shared bathroom facilities with a few other lodgers was not too much of an inconvenience at all.  I finally got a grasp of what ‘shared bathroom’ facilities were like.  The only discomfort we experienced was how tiny the rooms were.  The rooms were ‘cabin’-like, no frills and furnished with just the basics.  The shared kitchen of both hostels were spacious and accommodating.  At Altamont Lodge, they even allocated racks (labelled with room numbers) in the fridge.  Was so neat.

On our last day in Wanaka, we went kayaking in the lake thinking perhaps we could get near to the most photographed Wanaka Tree but to no avail.  In fact we could not even find it but of course, saw it in the end.  The tree was pretty insignificant, a willow tree with its thin branches, one so bent and may likely break, yet the tree was full of determination to live and to grow on the lake.

Wanaka Tree

It was Saturday and we strolled along the markets before leaving Wanaka.  It was so lovely visiting a farmer’s and crafts market in the ranges, a setting with a difference.


The trip to Queenstown was a short hour drive with beautiful sceneries over the ranges.  Since I missed out a good shot of the Wanaka Tree (Wanaka Tree above, credit to the photographer, not me), I took a photo of another tree which was also thriving to stay alive in the cold ranges (somewhere in Roaring Meg).  No, we did not go to the Roaring Meg Winery for my favourite Pinot Noir.


So till then, stay tuned for the final part of our trip in the next story coming up soon ………………………………

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