West Coast Trip – Wanaka

Finally got to sit down and blog about the last few days of my wonderful West Coast trip.

Since my last blog on day 4 of the trip, I had been to visit my elderly aunt in Kuching and spent time with my family for the Chinese (Lunar) new year celebrations as well as showing off my first granddaughter to family members and back !

My West Coast Trip earlier this year seemed a long time ago and if I procrastinate longer and not put in writing, memories will soon be lost.

The first four days involved a lot of driving and scenic stops.  From Day 5 to Day 7 of the trip were relaxing times spent with two nights in Wanaka and two nights in Queenstown.

I used to say that Queenstown is the most beautiful place on earth (not that I have travelled round the world yet) but having visited Wanaka for the first time, I now change my tone, going for Wanaka as the winner, being less commercialized (not as crowded or ‘tourisy’ if you know what I mean).  Located in the stunning alps of the South Island in New Zealand, the backdrop is almost similar (but calmer) than Queenstown and hotel prices are much more affordable.

Day 5

January 6 was my birthday spent in a place I have never yet visited till then.  Calm and beautiful Wanaka.  Yes, calm Wanaka till we set foot into Puzzling World.

Puzzling World has been messing with people’s heads no matter what age, nationality or experience. With a mix of bizarre buildings, rooms of illusion and the world-famous Great Maze this attraction is designed to baffle your brain and challenge your perceptions of reality.

After all the fun, plenty of walks round and round the maze trying to find our way out we visited Rippon, Wanaka’s oldest vineyard.


Next stop was Maude Wines Tasting Room situated directly above the picturesque Wanaka township where three of us shared a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc and celebrated my birthday with a platter.


On the way back to the hostel, we drove up a small hill where the War Memorial was sited for a view of the beautiful township.


So much to share in just one blog, memories that takes me out of this world so I will leave the next couple of days in the next blog post so stay tuned till then.

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