Delish is for delicious

We finally found the place !

A restaurant that serves the best Indian and other fusion food under one roof.

Below is the restaurant’s tagline in its website and indeed so true.


Located in the new development in Flatbush just after the Ormiston Bridge  this restaurant is typically like a neater version of a takeaway with about 10 (more or less) tables for dining and a counter complete with several pans of food warmers (though empty) and large fridge of soft drinks.

Being a new restaurant and in a newly developed area (I supposed that could be the reason why the place was quiet) there was only a couple eating as we walked in.  No one was at the counter so we helped ourselves to a table, seated and waited.  As there was still no service after a few minutes, we went to the counter and pressed the bell.  A lady came and we gave our order over the counter.

The menu prices ranges from $13 to $18 for a main.  We ordered a Fijian lamb curry and a Mongolian Chicken.  Entrée was a mixed platter and dessert was a single scope of ice cream each.

Both of us thoroughly enjoyed the meal.  The food was a bit spicy.  We ordered medium (though the lady warned us medium would be spicy) but still ‘insisted‘ on medium.  We would probably go for mild next time because if medium was spicy, I guess mild would be medium and that would suit us even better.  The portion size was reasonably good.  My favourite is the Mongolian chicken.  The chicken was deep fried and then cooked in spices.  It was juicy and full of flavours.  The lamb was nice and tender.

On Zomato’s scale of 1 to 5, I will for the first time (since I started as a food blogger) give this restaurant full marks.  A suggestion is perhaps to put a notice on the counter for customers to press the bell if there is no one in attendance at the counter.   We weren’t sure what to do really, when we came in and definitely those in the kitchen could have heard us (or maybe not) but no one came.   Alternatively perhaps install a trigger for a bell to ring as someone walks in so the wait staff could come and take the order.

We love the food here and will definitely be back !

Delish Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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