West Coast Trip – Akaroa & Pizzas

Our holiday break this year took us to the West Coast, South Island.

I am blogging my memories and the things we did on this beautiful trip.  The best time to travel would probably be Spring or Autumn as when one travels, there are lots of sight seeing and in our case, a fair bit of walk to view the glaciers, waterfall, forest, mountains and lakes.  The summer heat can be a bit harsh.

Day 1 – 2/1/2018

We flew to Christchurch and picked up our rental car.

Akaroa (75 kilometres from Christchurch) is a historic French and British settlement nestled in the heart of an ancient volcano.

Feeling peckish, our first stop was at The Hilltop Tavern.  Indeed it offers stunning scenic harbour views but certainly NO good old rural Kiwi hospitality.


We were awed by the views of the Banks Peninsula with its undulating hills while waiting for our food at the outdoor table.  It was a long wait and we finished our beer.  The lady wasn’t too keen to refund us for the pizza that never came.  She said we only waited for just over an hour and could get our pizza done in the next 15 minutes.  The restaurant wasn’t even busy.  There were only three other tables and those who came latter had their meals so apparently they missed our order.  If only she had apologised and admitted that, instead of implying that over an hour’s wait time is normal for a restaurant (which was even a quarter full).  It was neither lunch or dinner hours either.  We left disappointed and hurried on to Akaroa.


Being a statutory holiday (perhaps only for NZ – Kiwis call this ‘Day after New Year’s Day’), the restaurants were pretty crowded and cafes were about to close.  Time check was almost 5pm.  We were really hungry by then and had Chicken & Chips from a food truck and then took a stroll on the beach.


This was the start of our holiday.   We headed to a motel in Christchurch for an overnight stay before our adventure to the West Coast begins.

Dinner that evening was a takeaway of two huge pizzas from a nearby takeaway Pizza shop.  We ordered a Quattro and the owner apologised and said his new staff made a ‘mess’ of the fillings and give us another complimentary one!  Very honest shop owner as we won’t have known about the ‘mess’ till we got back to the hotel.  Well worth the wait this time.

Unfortunately I am not able to credit this Pizza Shop (somewhere in St Albans, Christchurch) as I goggled and could not find this Takeaway Pizza Shop.  It could probably be under new management or a new Takeaway Shop.

Thank you for the nice pizzas which became the highlight of our first day.


Watch this space for more of our West Coast Trip.


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