The most beautiful place in the world

We just got back from a really beautiful trip, the best (of the best) trip I have had so far.  It was an adventure full of walks, beautiful sceneries and good food.

I am glad to say that with this visit to the West Coast of South Island, I have visited almost the whole of New Zealand except for New Plymouth, Taranaki (a must-visit soon) and Invercargill, Southland.

The most beautiful region in New Zealand and also most probably the world is definitely Queenstown Lakes District.   In fact, the most beautiful town is Wanaka which is less ‘commercialized’ than Queenstown which is one of NZ’s top visitors’ destination.

Wanaka is nestled below towering mountains and is the most tranquilly set of the South Island lakes.   Wanaka has everything Queenstown has, beautiful lakes and mountain sceneries, wineries, restaurants, shopping, outdoor activities for adventure or simply sitting on the beach or grass at the lakeside to enjoy the views, feel the breeze and watch the world go by.

My favourite holiday destination was Queenstown and has been all these years.  After my recent trip to Wanaka (my first trip), I probably will now visit and unwind in Wanaka more, which is only slightly over an hour’s drive from Queenstown and you don’t have to pay through your nose on accommodation especially during peak seasons.


I guess it won’t be too long before Wanaka grow to be another Queenstown with tons of visitors (both local and overseas) and people lining up to buy a hamburger.  Seriously the queue for Fergburger was the whole shop block long and the wait time was probably 30 minutes or more just to place your order and another 20 minutes wait to get your first bite.  (Only guessing as I was an observer and not in the queue).  I went next door to Fergbaker instead to grab a pie and gelato to cool off the summer heat at Mrs Ferg.

So in a nutshell, it looks like Queenstown is not only the most beautiful place in New Zealand (to most including myself till recently), it also has the best burger in the world.  You need to be in the queue to decide whether that is true or otherwise.



Watch out for this space for a detailed blog on my West Coast, South Island Trip …………… coming up soon.

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