Park Road Kitchen

We seemed to be constantly eating lately.  It must be the festive season and time to pamper ourselves, time to be jolly.

“Keep calm and carry on eating” is our temporary tagline for December.

After a delicious nibbles of Gozleme at Titirangi Village Market, we sat down for a proper brunch.  There were two very nice village cafes in the area and we chose to visit Park Road Kitchen.

This café has both indoor and outdoor sitting.  The decorations were homely and kids friendly.  The cabinet food was extensive and good portion size.  We ordered the smoked fish cake which was absolutely delicious,  Thai Chicken Pie and a piece of Bacon & Egg pie.

The café was quite busy around 1pm especially on market days.  Even though we only ordered cabinet food, we had to wait around 20 minutes.  We didn’t really mind as we chose to sit outdoor and felt relaxed enjoying the feel of the village.  The ambience of the café was really nice and neat although the lady who took our order was not too friendly though practical.

While waiting at our table, we thought we were overcharged by $2 and out of curiosity, we asked the very nice and pleasant waitress who brought the food across to us to check the bill.  She confirmed the charge was correct and told us the individual cost of the dishes.  The bacon & egg pie was (according to what the 3 of us saw) $14.50 as displayed on the label in the cabinet.  We ordered the last piece and the sticker was gone when we went back to check.  The waitress said the bacon & egg pie was $16.50 so that accounted for the mystery of the $2.  Anyway, the food was yummy although we thought having to pay $16.50 for a piece of Bacon & Egg Pie was a bit steep.  The bonus was the cabinet food was nicely presented, served with salad and tomato chutney/taitare sauce on the side.

On Zomato’s sale of 1 to 5, I would give this café a 4.  A lovely place to visit, nice food, nice ambience.  Could be even better if the counter staff was a bit more friendly.  The waitress was amazing for her gentleness in checking on our bill all for a mere $2 but to us (me especially, it was just a matter of principle to be charged correctly) especially if I were to rate or recommend a café in my blog for the interest of others.

Bon Appetit – Keep Calm & Carry On Eating (only till Christmas).

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