Titirangi Village Market & Visitor Centre

Time out on a good sunny weekend always starts with a market.

Last Sunday, we visited Titirangi Village Market. This is an awesome market of about 130 stalls selling quality local arts and crafts, produce, food along with live music.

There were not too many food stalls but we found one stall selling the best Gozleme (a kind of Turkish bread with feta cheese and spinach fillings) I had ever tasted. We ate on the go and the food was so yummy that we put aside elegance while eating our pieces of gozleme on a tissue (not even a plate for me as we were sharing) with fingers (and no, I didn’t lick my fingers).

As always, local made chutneys caught my attention even though I sometimes make my own. We bought a bottle of slightly spiced (chilli) mango chutney.

Eating that couple of pieces of gozleme was not enough for lunch so we ended up at a very busy café (there were two nice cafes in Titirangi Village where the market was).  Food review to follow on a separate blog.

Our next stop was a 10 minutes scenic drive through the forest to Arataki Visitor Centre. The Arataki Visitor Centre is the gateway to the Waitakere Ranges Regional Park, with more than 16,000 hectares of native rainforest and coastline. It’s 250km of walking and tramping tracks provide access to beaches, breathtaking views, and spectacular rocky outcrops, including the Hillary Trail, black sand beaches, waterfalls and giant kauri trees.

We did not walk the tracks but the centre itself has good wooden platforms that allow one to see the forest with breathtaking views. We treated ourselves to a Dutch whipped cream strawberry ice cream before heading home.

Everyone had a jolly good time and our Sunday treat was not done yet as we had more food and nice company for BBQ that same evening.

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    Running out of space.

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    What should I do?


  2. Those Gozleme reminds me of Butter Naan….. looks so yummy….. The place looks very beautiful…… full of nature….

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    1. Yes, those gozleme are like stuffed butter naan. Full of flavours.

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