Hungry ? Go to Hungry Head

Both my daughter and myself were baby siting a 6 month old baby.  Our task was done by 8pm.

Dinner at 8pm would not have been so bad as most restaurants in our suburb close at 9pm.  We thought we would try the new Chinese restaurant at Highland Park Mall.  The gates leading to the shops inside the mall were locked so we had to get back to our car and re routed to the main entrance of the restaurant.  Found Taste of Nine to be a steamboat place so we gave that a miss.  Was about to go to the Korean Restaurant in the same vicinity and as we entered, I said to my daughter “Your shout, ok?”.

Daughter : “Oh, I only have my credit card with me.”

Me : “I only have $20 note and my cards were left at home.”

The only restaurants that open late in our suburb are the Asian ones and most, if not all of these restaurants do not accept payment by Credit Card.  As if we were not enlightened.  We already knew but the decision for a quick meal out was a last minute decision.  Another few minutes wasted looking for an ATM for a credit card cash out.

We sure were hungry by 8.30pm and headed for Hungry Head.  It was our first visit.  The restaurant is fairly new.  My first impression as we entered was that the restaurant looked pretty clean, although it was quite chilly inside.  The menu was quite extensive from toasted sandwiches to congee, noodles/rice and mains.

We ordered combination crispy noodles with meats, half chicken with galangal and a vegetable dish (morning glory with beancurd).  We didn’t know what to expect as we were new to all those menu.  The food was not too oily and we thought it was quite a healthy meal especially at that time of the night.

The food portion was standard.  Price was reasonable, especially for the combination noodles at $12.50 is considered cheaper than other Chinese restaurants.  The bill came to $34 and we had a decent feed for two people.  The official closing time was 9pm and we were told to go and settle our bill and then we could continue eating.   We won’t rushed to complete our meal by 9pm so that was a nice gesture.  We will be back !

On Zomato’s scale, for this visit, we would rate this 3.5 out of 5.

Hungry Head - Burswood Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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