Georgie is Glaring

Her mother was a stray or perhaps someone else’s cat.

She gave birth in my daughter’s garden to four kitties.   Poor mother cat passed away a couple of days later.  The four kittens were left without a mother.  My daughter nursed and bottle fed all those four kittens.  Two were given away.

Jo (my daughter) chose to keep Georgie and Ginger.  According to her, Georgie was the only baby kitten that stayed by her dead mum’s side.  A year later, Ginger went missing and was never found.

Georgie had moved house with Jo three times.  She was much loved.  Jo became a mother with her first baby girl.  Our little grandchild has eczema and doctors’ advise was to keep her in a pet-free home.

Sadly Georgie who will turn ten in December was moved to a cattery and put up for adoption.  Her precious Georgie glared blankly not knowing if she will ever be able to go home again and roam freely.  Hopefully she will find a new family and be happy again.



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