To love is to admire

I guess the enjoyment of certain food or dish goes all to way to admiring the efforts the chefs or cooks put into creating the dish.

When I visited Vietnam, I fell in love with their coffee.

Vietnamese iced coffee, also known as Ca phe da or cafe da (Vietnamese: cà phê đá, literally “ice coffee”) is a traditional Vietnamese coffee recipe.

At its simplest, Ca phe da is made with coarsely ground Vietnamese-grown dark roast coffee individually brewed with a small metal French drip filter (cà phê phin) into a cup containing about a quarter to a half as much sweetened condensed milk, stirred and poured over ice. The coarse grind allows the use of the cà phê phin. Ca phe sua da is iced coffee with sweetened condensed milk.

In Auckland this morning, I stumbled upon a Vietnamese Yum Cha Cafe in Papatoetoe serving this Drip Coffee. 

Here’s my cup of DIY (stir the small cup of hot coffee and then pour it into the glass of ice).  Coffee with a difference.  Enjoy !



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  1. Galen911 says:

    This sounds fascinating. I am a coffee lover. I don’t drink very much… but I do enjoy various varieties and blends. But I have never been a fan of iced coffee. However what you describe here sounds worth trying. There are some Vietnamese restaurants here where I live… and I just might make some inquiries.


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    1. I had fun DIY. The cold coffee tastes very nice but I supposed you could have it hot as well. Would be a bit sweet if not diluted in ice so be careful not to stir in all the condensed milk at the bottom.

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