Pearly Kee’s Curry Kapitan – A Penang heritage curry

Your photographs are really captivating. I simply have to reblog this. Thank you for sharing.

Monsoon Table


This time, last year, we were sitting in Toh Soon Coffeeshop and sipping a good kopi-o (black coffee in local lingo) with a kaya-butter charcoal toast and the best eggs we’ve ever had. Also, this time last year, our to-do list was one which would have been the envy of  any local foodie.

If it isn’t too obvious, we have Penang withdrawal symptoms. And as I’m typing this, I’ve just drooled over the beautiful pictures of a friend who has just returned from lovely Penang.

Our only salvation- make some Penang food!

On one of our trips, we tried to take up a cooking class by the very famous Pearly Kee but we weren’t successful. So, we did the next best thing and bought her cookbook, which was just released in 2013. In it, she mentions that this dish, Curry Kapitan, was one which is unique to Penang…

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