To House A Soul

Big HUGS to Belinda. Please may I reblog this. Such beautiful tribute. Thank you for sharing.

Busy Mind Thinking

I’m wrapped up in this blanket with a glass of wine in hand

Staring at the fire cause I’m trying to understand

I won’t know you when you come in

I won’t know you when you leave

Don’t know what day it is

Don’t know what I’m to believe

I’ll look through the photo’s that you left me

Trying to recall

Who these people may be

But it don’t mean a thing at all

Cause I’m just a shell – to house a soul

With no memories of my own

Each day I live

Is like the one before

Cause I don’t know me – anymore

Every now and then

I catch a glimpse of who I used to be

For a moment – fear subsides

And I remember – I know me

But this is just a moment

A moment in time

When I can grasp those memories


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